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Himalayan IT Solutions is the company who is committed to provide you with an array of highly skilled and professional design based solution that will take your web existence to the next level.

We render flash web design, static web design, ecommerce web design and dynamic Website Development Services. E-commerce has redefined the transaction of business and your website is the gateway to their business scopes. Our website designing services plays a vital role in giving visitors what they want and to secure a leading position among the competitors in the industry,

we exhibit modern professional and contemporary website designs that your business may require.

We the Himalayan it solutions not only reflect the business strategy of yours but through our designs we equally engage your partners as well as your potential customers into the conversation. We have the most experienced and professional web designers who contribute their immense knowledge in fulfilling the website requirements of the client and at the same time make it unique. They are highly skilled and committed in timely delivery of work with utmost quality. We have the best website designers who are expert in delivering most promising and user friendly navigation which is very important for attracting or involving more visitors to the website. We considering the following important points during the Web Portal Development:

  • It should attract a huge traffic

  • Content is king

  • Use relevant technologies

  • Good design and attractive layout

  • Authenticity

  • User friendly

  • Ensure accuracy

  • Overall consistency

  • Procedures:

    Objective initiation: we pay the utmost importance in accumulating the information and the objective of the client. We ensure that the client knows that what they want out of the project and act as a point of reference during the project.

    Research: This phase usually includes content analysis, market trends, the history as well as future of the business, graphics and link structures.

    Strategy: taking this into account we decide the design and functionality criteria to maintain its consistency.

    Development: based on the strategy and objectives our utmost experienced, skilled and professional content writers we develop the site.

    Creating a brand name: creating brand name is like creating a face value which is related, identifies and is associated to the company as it includes punch line, theme line, logos, corporate music etc.

    Refinement: At this stage our web designer makes final changes to the aesthetic elements that are based on client’s required design.

    Satisfaction: at Himalayan IT Solutions we are driven to provide our clients with the best results so that we can provide a complete satisfaction. For us client satisfaction is of utmost importance.

    Himalayan IT Solutions offers a whole range of Ecommerce solutions development at most affordable prices. Our expertise lies in making the website that will establish your brand with a different and unique identity. With such a leading experience in the industry, we help in achieving the goals of your company with full commitment.

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