Employee Performance Management

PortfolioHimalayan IT Solution's Lotus Notes Domino Notebook ready to use Workflow Application is a helpful tool for assessing the employees performance level. In today's competitive business world companies have to assess employees' abilities and progress from time to time to find out whether they are contributing enough to the productive process. Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application makes the lengthy process very much trouble free and realistic regarding the outcome of assessments. With this tool the modern organizations can keep the right kind of employees compatible with production requirements.

Employee performance review module provides HR managers with the excellent capacity to monitor review cycles for employees based on company defined competency sets. The outcome is judged by all categories to chalk out the most beneficial training module and performance enhancement activities. The module identifies the key areas of the employee's performance qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The feedback on employee's performance plays a long term impact on the company's goal setting and expansion ideas.

Lotus Notes Domino Notebook ready to use Workflow Application has the inbuilt facility to identify the employees' areas of strength and training needs .Therefore the management can decide on various important issues such as increment, promotions, retention of talent etc. swiftly. The whole process powered by the module forwards the organizational development ideas rapidly and the company achieves higher benefits. Higher level of contact between employees and administrators is also maintained through the process and this leads to a work culture that actually delivers.

With Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application performance review can be tailored to individual or group needs of employees as set by the peers. This makes the assessment more fruitful, cost - effective and less time consuming. Sector wise assessment caters to the company's targeted profit .It is one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems. The user friendliness is one of the reasons of the increasing demand for the module. Once implemented into periodical assessment the module is sure to set greater standard.

Employee performance review programs which have so far been manual to a great extent are crossing regular boundaries with additional requirements on the part of the employer's. Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application is here to minimize the flaws in measurement and make it qualitatively as accurate as possible. The module has all the inbuilt functions to provide a realistic assessment of the company's workforce, thereby creating a scope for better policy formulation. Surely, the application is meant for all 21st century organizations.