Man Power Requisition

Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application from Himalayan IT Solution has a compatible Manpower Requisition module, an indispensable tool for any self reliant organization.

The manpower requisition module consists of the complete workflow starting from requisition authorization process till induction of the employee. The system maintains the profile of the users involved in the various stages of manpower request and induction. The resume sources are maintained with every detail of the participating agents in the induction process.

Our Lotus Notes Domino Notebook Workflow Application has multiple usability at all the stages of manpower requisition and the collaborative system is distinguished by its excellent database and information accession provision .Form the listing of candidates to the generation of the appointment letters every stage is carefully captured through this essential module. The system is capable of hiring the right workforce as per requirement through a well synchronized pattern of action. The use of this module makes the complex process of manpower requisition very swift.

Lotus Notes Domino Workflow is a ready to use application requiring very little expertise and is very easy to learn .The application can easily be incorporated in management practices at any point of time. Its function starts from the filling up of the requisition form in the database including the kind of manpower required. Right from the creation of the requisition form to the process of final induction, everything is done in a planned manner -clear and simple through the Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application.

For any reputed company the handling of manpower calls for qualified expertise. The manpower requisition module is an essential supporting system to the managers in this regard. The smooth functioning of the module makes sure that the required information is accessed from time to time from the database with accuracy measures properly in place. Our Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application opens the doors of efficient and cost effective function in the most important area affecting performance of the company.

Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application takes an irreplaceable role in the company's long term preparation and goal setting. In this information era overlooking the possibility of this powerful and user friendly database oriented module can set the decisive difference in performance. It is an essential tool for every aspiring company looking forward to gaining greater credibility in the market. Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application sets the standard so coveted in the competitive business world.