Lotus Notes Application Development

Lotus Notes is a client-server application developed by IBM Software Group. It is an integrated desktop client option used for accessing e-mails, calendars and applications on an IBM Lotus Domino server.

It enables geographically separated users to share and transform content in real time. An intelligent e-mail environment integrates Internet, and business data together to streamline the work. It prioritizes tasks, and prompts the user to take action by connecting to different information sources.


It provides an enhanced desktop experience by allowing a single point access to emails, contacts, calendars, instant messaging, documents, tools and other business applications. The various features of text search, filtering, sorting, flags etc. help the user to manage the mailbox effectively. The advanced replication technology even helps the user to be productive when not connected to the network.

The Notes client can also be used as a platform for interacting with collaborative applications. Earlier the most common applications were simple contact management or threaded discussions. Today it also provides blogs, RSS aggregators, and many other custom applications that can be built using Domino Designer.There are many lotus notes applications including web enabled applications, notes client applications, java applications, applications for mobile and wireless clients etc.

Lotus Notes Application Development can be useful in a number of functional areas like eCommerce, HR Applications, Intranets, Portals, Relationship management applications like CRM/ERM/PRM, Content Management solutions, Wireless applications and many more. These applications can help you do business in a much easier way. It is known to increase internal efficiency, increase productivity and improve relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors.

Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application

Develop a Lotus application of any complexity to manage your:

  • documents
  • knowledge
  • project development
  • e-learning
  • human resources
  • customer relationships
  • requirements and changes
  • and anything else you can think of.

You can use our expert team to:

  • develop custom problem solving, process enhancing Lotus Notes applications
  • create web applications (including intranet portals)
  • integrate developed applications, such as our own software with existing 3rd party systems
  • rework, improve and optimize existing Lotus tools
  • integrate with applications on other platforms
  • develop complimentary tools for Lotus Sametime, Domino.Doc, Lotus Workflow, Lotus Quickplace.

While our specialists can develop Lotus tools for any industry, including yours, we do have experience in the following fields:

  • education
  • human resources
  • financial services
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • telecommunications and mass media

Built-in Lotus Notes/Domino Applications

Built-in Lotus Notes/Domino applications is the most common type of software used to automate business processes, often related to software development, which include:

  • production
  • marketing and sales
  • resource and finance management
  • quality control and production efficiency.

To automate business process and workflow, you can use the following applications:

  • Discussion Database
  • Document Library
  • TeamRoom
  • Microsoft Office Library
  • Quickr
  • Sametime

Lotus applications work particularly well for managing any workflow processes that involve document management. For example, with these applications, you can:

  • track feedback and requests of any kind until they are resolved
  • track changes and approvals within any system, such as our own changes and requirement software
  • create and manage room booking systems

Each of these applications can be used in combination to address initial requirements for an intranet. Each application can be configured to allow your workers to create and store any documents and discuss with others. And while all of this is true, each application is designed to perform a specific function, and thus may not completely meet your organization's needs. Each application has its own strengths as well as its weaknesses as part of an intranet solution.

Since these applications are built on Lotus Notes, they all are:

  • secure
  • scalable
  • accessible from the Web

To get an extra edge at customizing and optimizing your business and improving team communication with Lotus applications, you can always have us develop any Lotus software for you.

More About Default Lotus Applications

Let's examine each of the built-in Lotus Notes/Domino applications in more detail.

Discussion Database

The Discussion Database application allows you and your company to not only operate with uptodate information, but to understand how and why any decisions were made. You can share, categorize and overview historical changes to data. With this application, you can:

  • create discussion topics
  • overview the threaded discussion
  • use author profiles to contact the employees easily
  • use interest profiles to target newsletter subscriptions
  • use newsletter to keep yourself and others updated on the new important information
  • find anything in text

While Discussion Database doesn't provide everything at once, you can create grounds for effective communication with it, especially, when used in conjunction with the document library and other applications.

Document Library

In addition to easy discussion, you can use the Document Library application to share files with your team. You can use it to:

  • create main topic documents
  • review documents
  • track document revisions
  • find anything in text

Though using discussion and document applications is good enough, you can also use TeamRoom to further improve your team coordination.

Team Room

A TeamRoom database is a structured discussion application that captures the most important collaborative operations of a workgroup. These operations include: With the TeamRoom application, you can capture the most important collaborative actions of a workgroup. For example, you can:

  • structure the team itself as a set of individuals and teams with a leader and a specific task
  • discuss work-related matters
  • meet together and prepare for and report on meetings
  • define schedules and time-based events and milestones for team's projects
  • define tasks and manage their status
  • send announcements to your workers
  • maintain reference documents that record the group's work: written plans, decisions, specifications and so on In more general terms, with TeamRoom, you can:
  • raise and discuss issues and concerns
  • collaboratively create product memos, presentations and other deliverables
  • brainstorm with your team
  • prepare for meetings (share the information before the meeting to focus on making decisions)
  • track meetings and resulting actions

Though the TeamRoom application combines the features of discussion and document library applications, it also captures the flow of group activities, ideas and reference documentation. It will allow you to manage your team knowledge effectively, regardless of whether the team members are located.

Microsoft Office library

The Microsoft Office library application allows you to create and save documents using MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint without leaving Lotus Notes. Also, you can store electronic documents in it, making it easy for you and your team to locate, update and print desired documents.


Quickr is a team collaboration software that you can use to access and interact with people, information and project materials to get your work done. In general, with Quickr, you can:

  • share business files by using content libraries
  • take part in discussion forums and blogs to facilitate communication
  • use wikis to author and edit content together
  • share anything easily from your desktop software, such as Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook

By using Quickr, you help your business, because you:

  • work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies, time zones, and even include external members
  • eliminate or reduce duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies
  • share, access and collaborate on team content that is the most up-to-date
  • focus valuable resources on solving business problems, leveraging new ideas, and reducing time to market
  • empower teams to set up and manage their information and projects in a security-rich environment without requiring IT assistance
  • provide an effective alternative to e-mail for storing and managing content - cut down on e-mail overload

In version 8, you can get 11 free Lotus templates and use them for:

  • project management
  • ideas and innovation
  • image repository
  • meeting and agenda management
  • activities integration
  • contact management
  • dynamic surveys
  • corporate communications management
  • collaborative presentation development
  • issues escalation, workflow and management
  • J2EE document library tntegration

The templates ("placetypes", as they are called in Quickr) are open-source and free under the Apache open source license, version 2.0. They encompass a variety of functions you might want to perform with web-based team collaboration.


You can use the Sametime platform for unified communication and collaboration technologies, such as:

  • integrated, enterprise instant messaging
  • VoIP
  • video chats
  • Web conferencing capabilities with reliable security features

Lotus Sametime can help your organization to:

  • resolve problems & questions through clear, high-quality communications
  • access global teams in real time
  • communicate quickly with anybody
  • create relationships with colleagues around the world
  • work with others as if they are in the same room
  • offer access to expertise and knowledge throughout the organization
  • provide all of this within a security-rich system that can help minimize risk and promote regulatory compliance

To gain more advantages by using Lotus software, you can get us to create any kind of application for your type of business to have your employees work more efficiently and make more money for you using the same resources.