Document Management Software India


PortfolioDocument Management system enables companies to manage their documents such as tenders, designs, proposals, manuals, reports, correspondence etc. in a soft copy format which can later be used to search any type of stored documents.

Main Features of Document management System are :

  • Centralized Storage System
  • Searchable documents and designs
  • Approval process to control document update/additions
  • Version Controlling of documents
  • Online Submission of Document Request.
  • MIS Reports

How to Implement

a) Centralized Storage System

The software has been developed on Lotus Domino / Notes platform. All documents/emails processed by the Document Management application will be accessible through this server. Application will be implemented with on an agreed hierarchy to provide efficient management and usage.Example hierarchy:

Your Company
       Delhi Branch
              Finance Department
              IT Department
              Design Department
               Planning and Implementation Department
       Delhi Kolkata

b)Searchable Documents and Design

Document Management application has been designed to accept emails, documents in soft copies and even scanned documents. Design ensures that users will be allowed to search the document in an effective manner. Apart from the attachment or basic information, each document would also consist of certain key-fields which would allow easy management and searching of these documents.
Email Attachments: Application would facilitate all users to directly copy and paste an email to this application and the application would automatically extract the attachments from the email and ask for relevant information before storing the attachment.
Treatment of documents in Hard-copy: Each hard-copy document will be scanned and stored in the Document Management application. Scanned copies will then be passed-thru an OCR Application to make it searchable and if required both the copies (image and text) will be stored together. This would ensure that all document stored in the application are searchable. Each document when incorporated needs to be validated/approved by predefined approvers.
c)Approval process to control document update/addition
Knowing the importance of each document users will have a choice to either get the document approved from a predefined list of users or select their own list of users. Depending upon the type of document, management can decide whether the approval process needs to be fixed or variable. Only fully-approved document will be available for search to ensure that no-partially or unapproved documents are used by end-users.
d) Version Control of Documents With passage of time there are many changes a document goes through and often its learned that one needs to roll-back the document to its previous state. Application would consider each change in a document as a different version and keep all the copies as different versions of the document. Along with these versions, a modification history will be maintained to ensure that if required, audits can be conducted on the same.

e) MIS Reports
The following MIS reports have been incorporated in the system
  • Activity Report
  • Report by Department
  • Report by Users
  • Usage Report
  • Report Designer

Document Approval Process