Contact Management Software

Contact Management is meant for tracking all potential customer contacts and relevant details. Contact Management has become indispensable for the growing companies who have extensive dealings with customers. The process also incorporates the documentation of the billing and shipping addresses useful for hazard free customer delivery. Himalayan IT Solution has developed a Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application for Contact Management that comes with the inbuilt facility of managing all documents and contacts and with the additional advantage of web application.

In the competitive business world companies in search of excellence must cultivate their potential contacts regularly in order to extend sales.However the companies having huge number of contacts have a tough time dealing with the management. This Lotus Note Application developed by us is specially tailored for this purpose. Our experts have strived to make the application as simple and as effective as possible.

This ready to use module will come handy for any client because of its extensive range of usage and applicability. It is an integrated groupware system compatible for different industries with varied demands. Facilities including email, calendaring, documentation and web application enhance the customer dealings and create winning differences in the company's reputation. The application has been designed to suit users with moderate technical knowledge and hence leads to maximum generation of client satisfaction.With this application you will experience a huge difference in the functioning of your company.

Our Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application for Contact Management is a collaborative client server application. Through email, instant messaging, notebook and calendars resource reservation clients can interact in all the phases of business dealings and the useful information can be garnered from the database .The most important feature of Lotus Domino is that at every step the client is able to refine his search and maintain an updated contact list with necessary changes being made .The application is a completely secure one and the most updated version of groupware application.

In the complex business world where every company is vying for greater share of the market, Lotus Domino Workflow Application comes as a boon for the contact managers making customer relationship as interactive and satisfactory as never before. For different companies at a time the use of Lotus Workflow Application underlines the coveted status.

The overall performance of this integrated system will help you become a top performer. Because we at Himalayan IT Solutions are committed to make the best use of networking and web application in business with the focus on increased profitability.