Google Apps Cloud Storage

Stop taking your laptop everywhere with you, keeping it every time with you for accessing information. Yes, accessing your data has become very easy from anywhere without laptop with outstanding facility of Google Drive.

With this amazing facility, your hard disk remains in the Cloud by the name of G-Drive. This innovative feature enables you to access your any kind of Document, Spreadsheet, PDF, Presentation, Video, Image, or any file anytime and from anywhere. Using any kind of device such as PC, Mac, or mobile device, you can reach your data and do whatever, you want to do. Besides uploading any kind of file, you can also store docs through this facility.

Anything is Possible:

Now, add life to you work by doing anything and anytime from any point of the globe. You can share files as well as the entire folder with individuals, team or even also with clientele. You along with a number of people can easily work simultaneously on the Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Meet your any kind of need

You can have advantage of this facility by using 5 GB storage capacity for every user. Only at the price of $4/month, you can get 20 GB and manage up to 16TB of extra storage for every user.

Docs: You can develop rich documents using images, equations, tables, drawings, links and so on. Moreover, you can assemble input along with managing feedback with all social commenting.

Slides: You are able to create stunning slides with our experienced presentation editor. This supports you in creating animations, embedded videos, as well as lively slide transitions. You can publish the final presentation on the web easily and promptly to let other view it or share confidentially.

Sheets: Create and share track projects, lists, analyze data, track the results and much more with a highly powerful feature of spreadsheet editor. You can make use of varied tools such as advanced formulas, filters, embedded charts, pivot tables.