Offshore Software Development India

Software development is a planned and structured notion of the desired software to the final display of the software.

It includes research, prototyping, re-engineering, new development maintenance or any other activities that results in software product. Himalayan IT Solutions services use nimble development methodology as per the rapidly changing requirements of the clients. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals whose expertise lies in developing services oriented application, utility software, enterprise application or web service application.

We involve the following activities in developing software:

  • Planning: The primary objective of any activity is planning, where we find out the things that belong to the project. Every client has very unique and different ideas about the end result but they don’t know about the software. So here at this point our, the most skilled and efficient software engineers extract the ambiguous and even contradictory requirements of the clients. Once the planning is done then the scope document is initiated.
  • Implementation and documenting: Once the planning is done then it’s time to implement the code which is programmed for the project. For the maintenance and enhancement an internal development of software is done. Here our team determines about how much internal documentation is required if necessary.
  • Deployment and Maintenance: Deployment is done just after the code is successfully tested, approved to be released and distributed in the production environment. This includes the activities as installation, customization (as per the requirements of the clients), testing etc. Maintenance and enhancement is required in time to time basis with the requirements or the discovered faults, as missed requirements may enforce redesigning of the software.

Himalayan IT Solutions provides services for a complete software development. We are specialized in software development by using the latest technologies. With our proficient team we deliver unique and appropriate software to our clients after gathering as much information as possible. This helps us to be on time and within the estimated budget. While developing software solutions for our client we follow steps like:

  • Analyzing the problem
  • Market research
  • Gathering the requirements for the proposed business project
  • Devising a plan or design for the software based solutions
  • Implementation of the software
  • Testing the software
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance of the software
  • Bug fixing

Our software engineers in Himalayan IT Solutions develop various kinds of specific application based software solutions such as: accounting software, library management software, HR software, payroll software, inventory software, marketing management software, hospital management software, restaurant management software, hotel management software, software for Forging Units etc. Himalayan IT Solutions provides best solution in developing software in a speedy manner without compromising quality.