Website Designing

A Website is not just a group of web pages working together it's something that represents your organization and your work and to an extent you. Creating a group of web pages is an easy task but making a website isn't. A website represents an idea, a vision behind the work and thus requires expertise in handling and nurturing that idea.

We provide you with the best there is in the field and our Designers work with their heart and soul to bring to you what you desire. We bring your thoughts to life like an artist brings a canvas to life but our canvas is the whole wide world.

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Software Development

Himalayan IT Solutions has pioneered the process of Software development. Our experts pay attention to each and every minute detail that you provide us and incorporate them in the development process which is done using world class techniques for optimized output and follow a strict lifecycle based process.

Our Software Products

• Virtual Storage System Solutions
• E-Tendering Portal
• Forum Development

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E- Commerce Development

Our products are customized according to you and your requirements We follow the simple rule of "Your Wish Is Our Command". We provide you with sophisticated and secure yet easy to use E-Commerce products that provide you with the best of the opportunities available. We are proud to have a dynamic and experienced team well versed with the market and its changing trends. We ensure you get the latest technology and a unique product.

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Website Promotion

A lot hangs in the balance when an investment is made and with it the expectation of returns on that investment also grows gradually. The process of promotion of a website a tedious and requires a lot of market expertise and experience to develop the right strategy for the promotion process

We use the most advanced techniques in SEO, internet marketing, directory submission to name some and promote your website to a higher position in no time.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to providing a space to your website on the internet which helps you put your website on the internet and make it accessible to one and all. It requires database support as well as application development platforms that makes it a complex process. It is understandable that you want to keep your website accessible to your customers 24*7 throughout the year without any breaks whatsoever. We provide you with the best there is of both connectivity and management making Web Hosting a piece of cake.

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Portal Development

Himalayan IT Solutions has a wide-ranging experience in portal development. We have developed different types of business, community, B2B and B2C portals. This is reinforced by vivid services like Search Engine Submissions, URL Submissions, Search engine optimization, link building, Internet marketing and email marketing.

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CD Presentation

The power to impress is the power to convert a potential client to a client, and a lot depends on how an organization is represented and what impression it is able to leave on the client. All of this can be simply achieved by an effective and unique presentation which gives the client a holistic view of your work and capabilities and that of the organization. We work in sync with your demands and expectations while keeping in mind the organization and its aim. We not only develop a powerful presentation but also guide you through it thereby empowering you to leave a mark on the clientele.

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Content Development

In any scenario in life Quality matters the most and not Quantity. We provide you with the most innovative and impressive content, because we understand that for a user the content that is present on your website is like a pocket booklet to your organization. Content not only reflects what you stand for but also acts as an important tool when it comes to leaving an impression.

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Domain Registration

Domain is your very own space on the world wide web and registration of a domain is a necessity to be a part of Internet and launching your website. We provide the registration services as a package deal when you approach us for Web Designing, Web development or Web hosting. However we also provide this as an independent service and help you in registering a name that is relevant yet catchy and inculcates a feeling of trust and admiration on the clients.

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