Mobile Friendly Websites

Today, in the digital era more and more people are using tablets and smart phones to access the content on the go. They are even using their devices to socialize, shop and to play games online.

There is no sign of abating in this new trend and hence pressure is building up on the owners of the traditional websites to make their resources accessible for the users of mobile devices. Here, at Himalayan IT Solutions we help our clients to implement the result-oriented and highly effectual solutions to address their specific mobility requirements. Himalayan IT Solutions creates simplistic, yet functional mobile websites with appealing and user-friendly layout.

Himalayan IT Solutions specializes in designing a wide variety of mobile websites that are compatible with almost all mobile platforms. We also specialize in making adaptive mobile websites for those customers who simply want to display their web content uniformly and correctly on different mobile platforms and screen sizes, without any advanced features. We make use of latest and advanced web based technologies( HTML5) and special coding techniques (CSS3) that enable the mobile website to get adjusted automatically according to the resolution of the small screen for better browsing experience for the users. This also increases the number of visitors of your website. Himalayan IT Solutions has domain expertise in developing dedicated responsive websites. This type of mobile website design is actually intended for those websites that demands for more customized mobile functionality and user interaction. With our dedicated mobile website design we manage different mobile specific challenges like data entry, navigation, load time and visibility, thus creating a seamless browsing experience for the users. So, if you are expecting that your users should access profiles easily, buy products, interact with other users or fill in detailed forms with ease through mobile websites then our dedicated design would be the right choice for your business.

Responsive website design is the latest and the modern concept for web design. The responsive website designs offered by Himalayan IT Solutions utilize only one sheet and are competent to get adjusted according to the width of the browser. This is the most effective mobile website design we offer and it includes few additional developments on site templates. This mobile website design is reckoned as the most scalable design as it is totally based on the width of the browser and device, no matter which browser or device the user is using.

So, approach Himalayan IT Solutions for mobile website design and we guarantee to shape your needs and develop a mobile strategy for your future and current plans.