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Leave management system is very necessary in an organisation. For proper growth of your business you must have perfect leave management system.

Do you know what leave management is? Leave management is basically a management area which handles leaves of employees along with the reason. It is done both manually and with the help of software application in today's time.

In an organisation there are different types of leave given such as sick leave, casual leave, maternal leave and many more. Leave management system take care of very leave record and show you at the end of year so that you can analyse the worth employees of your organisation. You can pick the best who gave you great productivity in the year.

Today a software application is developed which track the record of leave. It manages entire leave management system beautifully. It also saves your manpower and funds too.

To get dynamic developed leave management software applications connect with Himalayan IT Solutions.

Himalayan IT Solutions design and develop amazing leave management software on your demand. Our skilled developers design it according to your need and requirement. Our leave management module provides dynamic features. We develop it as the leave form customize as per the need of organisation. It also keeps the record of the entire leave policy of the organization.

It is automated to the leave policies. Whenever leave form is filled, it is automatically goes to higher authority for approval. After approval the HR helpdesk further processes the leaves and the leave records are updated accordingly.

While developing leave management software we take care of its features and benefits.

Features of Leave Management Software Application

Manages leave information

Our leave management software helps you to manage leave information of employee. It enables you to apply for leave online. This leave management software application entire transaction of leaves is automatically updated.

Multiple Custom Leave Types

In this software you can customize leave. If you want to then you can create new leave types as per your company's leave policy. It allows you to code each leave type, enable leave restrictions, and customizes leave types by gender, roles/employees, location and much more.

Leave Report

This leave management software gives you a complete history of leave usage details for individual employee in a bar chart format. This software tells you entire year record of leave as it tells you how much leave you or your employees have taken. It also tells you that for what kind of leave you are eligible to take. These are few features or benefits which our leave management software have. To get more details mail us at