Guide to Recovery from Google Penguin update

Alike Panda, Google Penguin is also a dangerous animal launched in the virtual forest of Google Search Engine. The primary motive of Penguin is to petrify the websites containing low quality content.

Penguin is mainly introduced to penalize those websites that include or use any type of Black Hat SEO Techniques or other strategies to rank higher in the search result. Recently, Google Penguin has updated the version which diced all the sites that are directly or indirectly associated with spamming.

From past many years, Google has been finding ways to locate the websites using Black Hat SEO Techniques and finally they come up with Google Penguin that helps them to find and penalize the websites using Black Hat SEO Techniques for ranking. After its arrival the websites associated with spamming are at great risk now. Websites with weak or duplicate content and the sites that went through over optimization will not be spared now by Google Penguin. It will penalize those sites simply by de-ranking them in the search results and by decreasing the flow of traffic to the sites.

Because of Google Penguin Update Oct 2013, many websites have been affected adversely, especially the sites taking advantages of Black Hat SEO Techniques for getting higher ranking on search results. There are webmasters those who simply focus on link framing, instead of natural SEO and as a result their websites get de-ranked by Google Penguin and the flow of traffic also gets decreased significantly over the time. So, if your website is victimized by Google Penguin because of using Black Hat SEO Techniques and looking for solutions to recover from Google Penguin Update Oct 2013, then continue reading the article.

Basic Guide to Recovering from Google Penguin update Oct 2013

Stop over optimization: Initially, in order to get high ranking in search engine results webmasters used to do all type do all types of SEO techniques, but after the advent of Penguin all went back that is Content is King. On the basis of the content the ranking of the website will be determined. Moreover, you need to ensure that your website contains correct back-links or else Google will flag your website for violating the Webmaster's Guidelines. Stop using over optimization software programs or else it will become difficult for you to recover.

Avoid using paid services: There are many webmasters those who use the link farming services and repent for the same later when their websites become victim of Google Penguin Update. It is really very dangerous to use unhealthy SEO, especially today in the time of Google Penguin. So, if you want to become success, then avoid using paid links.

The Anchor Text should be Natural: Many webmasters do one common mistake and that is to link exact short tail keywords to the web pages so as to get higher ranking and to increase the webs traffic. But, the advent of Google Penguin has changed the rules, now only anchor texts with some quality content will be counted.

Lastly, social sharing is very essential. You should never overlook the use of social sharing.