Google Apps Development

Engine of Google Apps enables you to manage and run varied online applications on Google's infrastructure. This application is simple to design and easy to maintain. This App Engine allows you to get rid of servers to maintain. Just upload your app and make it ready to serve your users.

You can easily serve your app from your very own domain using these applications of Google. Moreover, you can also effortlessly serve your app with any free name on domain, share app with anyone, set limits to the access to the members of your firm.

This facility is compatible with varied apps in numerous programming languages. App Engine of Java runtime environment makes you able to create your app with Java technologies such as Java servlets, JVM, JVM-based interpreter, JavaScript or Ruby and the Java programming language. Furthermore, this engine also supports Python runtime environments and provides Go runtime environment to run natively compiled Go code.

This engine allows you to pay for only you use in terms of bandwidth, storage, etc. without any set-up and recurring cost. So, the cost can be easily controlled according to the resources.

Desiring for custom workflows on applications of Google or customized intranet portals for your business, Admin or HR sections? Himalayan IT Solutions is at your service to avail high benefits through this feature. The expert and motivated team of professionals including designers, software engineers and developers enable the company to meet the demands of every client and business with customization solutions. The trained and skilled team of web application specializes in offering custom applications on the engine platform of Google App.

Application Development Services

Mechanize business workflows: Automate all the repetitive tasks of the business with custom web workflows and applications. Leave application, approvals, travel expenses, travel voucher management and so on, everything can be done with this app.

Association with 3rd Party Application or legacy ERP software.

Intranet Portals: Be benefited with tailor designed Intranet Portals as well as collaboration sites such as Admin Intranet Portal, HR Intranet Portal, Project Sites, Training Portals, Communication Portals for Sales, Marketing Managers and many more.

Google Apps Script, a JavaScript cloud scripting language, offers swift and simple ways to mechanize varied tasks across third party services and Google products. Google Apps Script Features:

• Create internal application for buying office supplies
• Create rich graphical user menus and interfaces
• Create scripts to computerize expense approvals, ticket management, time-sheet tracking, order fulfillment, etc.
• Design custom spreadsheet
• Do complex analysis in Google Spreadsheets on data
• Do customized formatting
• Link third party services with Google products.
• Mechanize repetitive processes and tasks
• Send custom emails as well as calendar invitation from a MySQL database to numerous people.