Email Marketing

Electronic Marketing or Email Marketing is a process wherein a commercial marketing message about products and services is directly sent to the inbox of a specific group of people using emails.

In general, any emails sent to a group of people or customers can be referred as email marketing. In the process, the commercial messages, ads, request business, donations or solicit sales are delivered to the customers by using emails and it also helps to develop trust, loyalty and brand awareness amongst the customers.

After the advent of email marketing services, the job of direct marketing has become comparatively more effective, faster and easier. With the increasing need of email marketing, the companies and business have realized the fact that other traditional marketing methods like sending messages through postal systems and direct mailing is not only ineffective, but also time consuming. Thereby, they are extensively using the services of email marketing offered by Himalayan IT Solutions, one of the leading service providers of digital marketing and email marketing.

Himalayan IT Solutions endeavor to bridge the gap between the potential customers, existing customers and organizations with its ground-breaking email marketing services. We have in-house team of expert professionals who have yeas of domain expertise in sending effective emails for marketing your products and services to your prospect customers. We are a one-stop solution for all your online email marketing campaigns, html email marketing, email servers, email marketing programs, email marketing templates, online email campaigns, and other email marketing needs. So, unleash the power and reach of efficient email marketing with Himalayan IT Solutions.

Himalayan IT Solutions is the most experienced all-in-one communications platforms where all email marketing needs are taken care of and aid you to create and send professionals HTML emails to prospects. We are the fully-featured email marketing organization which is supported by our in-house marketing experts and offer services like, Email Template Designs, Campaign Management, Open Rate Reporting, Advanced Marketing, Contact Management, and CAN-Span Compliance.

While creating messages for your email marketing campaigns, our team of expert marketers vigilantly delivers the correct mailer content. The contents they write are not only captivating, but also convey the commercial message to the recipient effectively. If any offers and discounts are available they mention it in specific way so as to attract the customers and reader. The emails created by our expert professionals are totally spam free and will reach the exact recipients after getting verified via email spam weigh counters. The primary objective of email marketing for businesses is simply to create the brand awareness among the customers. But, we at Himalayan IT Solutions guarantees that our email marketing services will not only create brand awareness, but also benefit our customers in other ways like customer retention and new customer acquisition.

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